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"My shoulder continues to feel better. The aching, stiffness, and clicking has improved greatly. I'm really excited to continue this process and see where we can get my shoulders in a few months!"
-Kaitlin S
"Bro... the work we did today. By far the best I've felt mobility wise. My back is loose for the first time in forever"
-Darius R
“Whatever we did yesterday loosened my left shoulder up a ton. I did shoulders today and I was able to get full contractions without pain.”
-Luke F
“For the first time in idk how long (years), I could feel my right quad fire during legs... I forgot what it felt like since it's been so long! And I finally have some relief in my QLs! You're awesome at your craft!"
-Ashley H
"I gotta say damn, you're good. I was able to sleep and get out of bed this morning without any of the pain I have had for the last three weeks! Just a little tender from the tissue work.
You're the man!"
-Shane M
"It's been 3 years since I have gone this long without a headache! I already booked my next session!"
-Lexi H
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